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School Club

Attended time:
Morning hoursAfternoon hours
Monday6.30 - 8.0011.30 - 15.30
Tuesday6.30 - 8.0011.30 - 15.30
Wednesday6.30 - 8.0011.30 - 15.30
Thursday6.30 - 8.0011.30 - 15.30
Friday6.30 - 8.0011.30 - 15.30

Primary Bording School


The school offers accomodation for Nursery School and Primary School pupils from remote sites. Our Primary Boarding School provides all week round care for children aged 3 to 15. Older ones may be possible in exceptional circumstances. Our professional staff work hard to ensure happy and stimulating atmosphere for all of our children. The number of pupils to a room varies from two to three. Every room´s equipment meets standard quality. The hall incorporates club-rooms (day-rooms) with TV sets and videos, computer rooms and well equipped cosy kitchenettes. There are lots of toys and round games available. Boarding School life is based on the obligatory Daily Routine ensuring comfortable and secure living conditions for each child.

Daily Programme

6:45 -7:20 Waking-up time, morning hygiene, making beds, tidying-up
7:20 -7:40 Breakfast
7:40 -7:55 School Lessons
11:35-12:30 Lunch (1st Level*)
12:30-13:15 Lunch (2nd Level)
15:30-16:10 Fourses
16:10-17:00 Individual group activities
17:00-18:00 Preparation for lessons – Homework Time
18:00-18:30 Supper
18:30-19:45 Free time (1st Level)
19:45-20.00 Evening hygiene (1st Level)
20:00 Bed Time (1st Level)
18:30-20:00 Evening activities (2nd Level)
20:00-20:30 Evening hygiene (2nd Level)
20:30-21:00 Free time (2nd Level/6-8 class)
21:00 Bed Time (2nd Level/6-8 class)
20:30-21:45 Free time (2nd Level/9-10class)
21:45 Bed Time (2nd Level/9-10class)

* 1st Level : 1- 5 class
* 2nd Level: 6-10 class

Week Organization

- provides children with various relaxing activities (game and sport activities) and ensures their praparation for the next day lessons
- children take part in a week programme planning
- educators try to keep balance between active and passive relaxation
- respect for special needs of each individual is essential
- the children are educated in smaller groups accordant with their school classes Our professional dedicated staff provide each child with all-round care and try to make homely and comfortable environment for all of the pupils.

Free Time Organization

The children have got a wide range of different indoor and outdoor activities. There is a beautiful park in front of the school often used for jogging and cycling.

Our sport facilities meet the highest quality standards :

- several play-grounds with artificial turf for various types of sports
- multipurpose sports hall
- table tennis room
- fitness-centre

Out-of-school activities:

- walking tours
- excursions
- swimming
- ice-skating
- skiing
- sledging
- theatre and cinema performances
- culture events
- tours of the town including shopping

Afternoon activities

- football
- basketball
- athletics
- floorball
- table tennis
- fitness centre
- traffic safety training
- cooking

Primary Boarding School activities :

- regional traffic competition
- national traffic competition
- marionette theatre performances
- participation in the local Hobby Centre activities
- regular visits to the local “HOBBY ZOO“
- education preventive programs focused on deliquency, bullying, drug-taking, drug-abuse, etc.
- swimming
- bowling
- Primary School Athletics Competition
- winter trips to the Pustevny Hills
- St.Nicholas Box
- Christmas Box
- chess tournaments
- school table-tennis tournament
- regional/national footbal and basketball competitions and tournaments in cooperation with partner schools for the Hearing Impaired
- Floorball Tournament of Moravian Schools for the Hearing Impaired
- National Computer/Internet Competition for the Hearing Impaired
- National Sports Games for the Hearing Impaired
- regular visits to museums, exhibitions, local festivals, etc.