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Centre for Special Education - (CSE)

- provides complex surdopedy (focused on children with hearing impairment) and speech therapy services for children of pre-school age since the earliest diagnoses of disablement

- provides professional diagnoses, expert assistance and counselling for the children and their parents

- provides counselling sevices for the pupils and students integrated into our school

Centre for Special Education consists of two departments:

Surdopedy Department
Speech Therapy Department

CSE - Surdopedy Department

Surdopedy Department is in charge of the children with hearing impairment and their families. Professional staff provides them with professional assistance and helps to find the best way of communication.

CSE – Surdopedy offers free services:

Complex special diagnostics
Ambulant speech therapy and surdopedy care
Special care for children with cochlear implantates
One week stays for parents with children of pre-school age at special school
Expert assistance in the right choice of a suitable educational institution
Expert consultations on educational problems
Special care for children integrated into all types of schools
Contacts with other experts or specialists
Counselling for a social law area
Psychological counselling
Sign Language courses (for parents and other family members)
Expert reports and references to integration

CSE - Speech Therapy Department

- provides complex and professional diagnostic, therapeutic and counselling services for children and their parents in the region of Zlín

- ensures the high quality of speech therapy care for the children with speech defects at nursery schools and speech therapy classes established at our school

- carries out a professional supervision focused on the pupils integrated into elementary schools throughout the region

CSE – Speech Therapy offers free services:

Speech therapy guidance and care for children of school and pre-school age (regular visits to the speech therapist´s or intensive special care for the pupils in the speech therapy classes )
Educational and speech therapy diagnostics
Proposals for integration into special speech therapy classes at nursery and primary schools
Integration of the children with serious speech defects into regular schools
Drafts of individual educational plans for integrated children
Remedial programmes for the children with speech fluency difficulties
Counselling and methodial guidance for parents, teachers and speech therapists
Cooperation with other speech therapy counsellors and specialists
Assistance in professional/carreer orientation
Public enlightenment activities