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Partner school


Primary School

Primary school provides a general primary education and special care for children with hearing impairment. Hearing impaired children are accepted on the basis of CPS – Surdopedy reports and parents applications. Pupils are registered after the entrance interviews.

There is a 10-year compulsory education divided into two levels:

1st Level: 1st grade –5th grade/welcome pupils aged 6–10 years
2nd Level: 6th grade–10th grade/welcome pupils aged 11–15 years

We accept the children with hearing impairment of all levels, the children with Cochlear implantates, as well as the children with other defects (speech disorders, learning difficulties e.g.)

Our aims:

- to offer all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum comparable with regular schools
- to help them cope with their impairment and clear communication difficulties
- to provide comprehensive approach in a happy and stimulating environment
- to treat all pupils as individuals
- to promote self-confidence, independence and cooperation
- to prepare pupils for future education
- to prepare children for full homelife, social life and a professional career

Our education program, methods and procedures:

Our primary education follows the School Education Program – „Let´s Open Ourselves To The World“.
Pupils are taught using a method of „total communication“ - the integration of the Czech Sign Language, writen language and oral speech in connection with lip-reading. Intellect and communication skills are stressed. Regular school projects make the lessons more interesting for everybody. Pupils work with their new knowledge in various ways ( art, drama, literature lessons). Particular attention is given to Maths and technical subjects.
English Language had been taught as an optional subject since 1999 to 2007 and after that it has became a compulsory subject for pupils from the 3rd grade up until the 10th grade.
Other compulsory subjects are Sign Language and Information Technology (IT).
We provide our pupils with other additional school subjects – Drama, which replace Music lessons and Special Speech Therapy.

Primary School - Speech Therapy Department

Speech Therapy Department is devided into three classes. Speech Therapy classes accept hearing pupils with speech disorders of all types (mogilalia, dyslalia, stammer e.g.). We aim to meet the learning outcomes of the curriculum compulsory for regular primary schools.


Speech therapy goes through all lessons and school activities.
Our teachers are able to give every pupil a higher degree of individual attention in the optional school subject Special Speech Therapy
The number of pupils to a class varies from six to twelve
Pupils can learn playing the flute within Art lessons
Pupils can train ice skating within Physical Training
Afternoon activities (ceramics, art, dance, sport and field clubs)

When pupils finish the 3rd grade, they are ready to move to their appropriate primary school.

The school´s staff–teachers

Our team of dedicated staff work hard to ensure all of our children get the best qualities and a general education. Our teachers are fully trained and qualified graduate professionals with many year´s experience of teaching the Hearing Impaired.
There is a close cooperation with the universities in Olomouc, Ostrava and Brno and our teachers are often in charge of running practical teaching training for their students.
A number of foreign trips has been taken by our teachers as a part of getting experience. They visited special schools in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Belgium, France and Cyprus.
Most of our teachers also initiated and in a great deal established The Deaf Teachers Association of national importance.